Suzbijanje siromaštva u zemljama u razvoju
 by Dr. Ana Pantelić

ROLE: designer, illustrator
PROJECT: book cover design
CLIENT: Ana Pantelić's work of nonfiction tackles the complex question of how to pull the world's poor out of the poverty trap. Published in Serbian, the book's title roughly translates to "destroying" poverty in developing countries. The solution, Pantelić argues, must focus on an inclusive approach, where the poor become active participants in everyday socio-economic and political processes.
My challenge was to create an engaging graphic that represents these concepts on a macro level and would appeal to audiences including and beyond those in academia. The final design illustrates a pulley literally pulling upward the word "siromaštva"—Serbian for "poverty." The contraption also relates to other underlying themes of the book like innovation and technology, which can be powerful tools if used in realistic and tangible ways.

Concept Work—above

My process began with a series of mood boards to brainstorm ideas, organize my thoughts and capture what organically popped into my head during my initial conversations with the author. 


Next thumbnail sketches were turned into digital renderings. Three concept rounds and two focus groups gave way to the single, strongest design that was then reworked and refined to produce the final cover.