The MENTOR Network
FY2014-2015 and FY2016 Philanthropy Reports

ROLE: designer, art director, photographer
PROJECT: art direction, editorial design [print + digital editions]
CLIENT: The MENTOR Network (TMN) is a national health and human service company that provides support and care for vulnerable populations including at-risk youth, adults with disabilities and holistic elder day care.  In addition to the company's day-to-day work—the leadership, staff and partner organizations also contribute to a robust array of social responsibility programs and efforts year-round. My challenge was to encapsulate all this work into a single report that would coherently explain TMN's multi-tiered, diverse, non-stop philanthropic approach. To provide context and structure, I created a mark based on the letter "M." Each stroke of the M represents a different component of philanthropy, and as a whole the mark relates to the company core mission: being a Mentor and Making a difference. 

Finding the right M

Initial iterations to determine
the best letterform to exemplify the report's
layered components and also represent the
overarching brand of the company.

Color Code

Colors were assigned to each stroke of the M to denote
the four major topics covered in the report. Overlapping stokes within a
single form demonstrate the relationships and holistic
nature of one program to another.


Vector-drawn iconography helped
statistics come to life in addition to
reinforcing each selections color themes.
The icons above & to the right describe the
impact of TMN's Netork Angels program.